The No S Life – intro

April 20, 2008

This is just a place for me to track my progress, following both my old “Intuitive Eating” plan, along with my new “No S Diet” plan.

And, for those of you wondering how an “intuitive eater” could possibly be reverting to “dieting” tactics, I’ve been reading a lot about the No S Diet, and fully believe that it can mesh with IE. It just gives me a few extra boundaries that I seem to need. I have been snacking relentlessly, despite my intentions to “eat only when hungry“, and I’m always reaching for the sweets when I snack, despite knowing that I should be reaching for something ‘healthier’ or more ‘beneficial’ to my body. 😕

The No S Diet seems like it will help me in those two trouble areas… and I can still wait until I’m hungry to eat. Basically, my eating patterns have already stayed (mostly) within the “3 meals per day” guidelines. It’s just that one extra snack, between lunch and dinnertime, that always trips me up! Hence the need for the “No S Diet” rule of “NO snacks …except on days that start with ‘S’“. And, going without sweets (except on the weekends & holidays) can only be a GOOD thing, right? It’s just healthier, and Reinhard (author of the No S Diet) claims that it helps you to *appreciate* your sweet treats more when you only have them *occasionally*. 😉

So, bear with me as I learn this new way of doing things. I only just started the No S Diet today, so the next few weeks will supposedly be tough — I’ll be building new habits that, hopefully, will stick for life! 😉

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