First “N” Day

April 21, 2008

So far, my first N day (that’s a non-S day, for short) has gone well. But, at the moment I’m struggling. It’s this time of day (mid-afternoon) when I’ve always gone to the kitchen looking for a snack — usually something “sweet”. I’ve caught myself 3 times, already, reaching for chocolate Easter eggs. But, luckily, I’ve realized it just in time to stop and say “nuh-uh!” and walk away.

I’m drinking water like crazy, hoping it’ll get me through until dinner. And, dinner will be earlier today than normal … I don’t need to wait as long as I normally do, and I don’t want to get *too* ravenous from having gone all afternoon without eating. So, eating one hour earlier seems like a good plan, and it won’t completely ruin my evening. I’m not really big on eating in the evenings anyway (except, sometimes, when I watch a movie… but, even that is getting better… I don’t watch a lot of movies any more, either).

In fact, I do have a movie home to watch tonight, so that’s going to take some extra diligence in sticking with my new “plan”, but I’m willing to go through the “trial” in order to come out on the other side successful!

 Edited to add: I managed to have ONLY water while watching my movie, and did very well for my first day of “No S”! I didn’t cheat, and didn’t give in. So, I’m looking forward to my next “No S” day!

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