I think I see

May 8, 2008

I think I finally see it… following the No S diet isn’t going to get me thin any time soon. I am going to have to really trust the wisdom of the principles, and just keep consistently plugging away at things one day at a time, and *eventually* I will see results.

It may be just one pound every couple of months… or it might be more. But, I have to stop thinking in terms of weeks, or months, where reaching my goal weight is concerned. This may just take up to 2 years! But, I am starting to realize that, if it takes that long — and the weight STAYS off afterward— I can probably be okay with that.

Mind you, I have to say that I’m a little disappointed at the prospect of still being quite far from my goal when summer gets here. I’d really like to wear my cap-sleeved tees, or even the new swimsuit I bought several years ago (when I’d lost a lot of weight). And, I’m disappointed that there’s a good chance I still won’t be able to fit into my favorite skirt come Christmas… it’s something that I’d really like to wear, as I love it — but it’s currently 2-3 sizes too small. šŸ˜¦

I’m willing to try waiting, though. I will do as Reinhard says, and measure my progress in “days on habit“. I am using his HabitCal tracker to do this — the visuals are always more motivating to me. šŸ˜‰

I tell you, though — I’ve begun really living for the weekends! I love that I can eat how I want! And, with Mother’s Day this weekend, I’m happy to know that I won’t have to avoid any foods at the family meal I’ll be attending… I can have pop, and chips, and any other goodies, and I won’t have to feel that I’ve blown my “diet”. šŸ˜‰ Yay!

I think that’s probably my FAVORITE part of the No S Diet, so far — the freedom to enjoy weekends and holidays without guilt or shame or condemnation. Whoohoo!

Small progress update: This week, I had one red day on Tuesday, but otherwise I’ve done well and stuck to the principles. My IE “training” had to come into play, yesterday, though — I had to eat something between lunch and dinner, because I was starting to get the low blood-sugar symptoms, and I didn’t want a migraine. I knew it’d be another hour or two before I could eat dinner (dinner was going to be late), so I went ahead and ate a yogurt cup and a granola bar. But, I decided something there and then: If I’m not able to eat for several more hours, and I’m getting shaky, I will allow myself to eat *something*, but I will do my best to make that ‘something’ healthy, and I won’t snack just for the sake of snacking — I will not snack unless I’m absolutely, without a doubt, NEEDING to eat (example: getting low blood-sugar symptoms). This is where my combination of IE and No S comes into play. šŸ˜‰

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