Starting Over

May 20, 2008

So, I’m starting over this week. Not today, as I decided to give myself one more day to really think through what I’m doing and WHY I’m wanting to do it. But, tomorrow we go back to giving 100% to my “NoS” and “IE” combo.

I realized, last week, that I haven’t been serious about my weight loss efforts. I’d lost my motivation. And, today I came to the realization that I’ve also been wanting to lose weight for a bunch of reasons, other than just doing it for myself. And, apparently, to have it “click” for you — to reach that point where things just start working — you have to be ready to lose the weight for YOU only… not for family, not for friends, not for any other reason… just for you, personally. And, I think I’m there (can’t be sure, but I *think* I am! LOL).

So, onward and –hopefully– downward! Gonna give it my full 100% effort tomorrow!

As Oprah once said, “Any goal worth reaching *always* requires hard work.”


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