:: “The No S Diet” ::

You eat: ** No Snacks ** No Sweets ** No Seconds ** Except (sometimes) on days starting with “S

So, basically, you are allowed only 3 one-plate meals, Monday through Friday (except on national/religious holidays & personal “special” days like birthdays/weddings/anniversaries/etc), and you get to snack & indulge in sweets on Saturdays, Sundays, and those “special” days previously mentioned.

For more, see: http://www.nosdiet.com

:: “Intuitive Eating” ::

** You eat only when hungry ** You stop eating when you’re satisfied, not stuffed ** You eat what you really want (not what you think you should eat) ** You stay mindful when eating.

For more, see: http://www.intuitiveeating.org


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