Article in WW mag

((This article was featured in Women’s World magazine on April 14th, 2008))

NO WILLPOWER? NO PROBLEM!: Lose as much as 96 lbs on the “no-diet” diet!

Ripped from the pages of The No S Diet, the ingenious little plan on these pages can help you reach your goal weight effortlessly–and without ever counting calories, fat or carbs again!

What could be better than a diet that’s helped women lose up to 96 pounds in nine months? How about one that lets you eat anything you want all weekend long–and also has rules simple enough to master in 30 seconds flat. We’re talking about The No S Diet. The title basically says it all: Dieters eat no sweets, no snacks, and no seconds–except on days that start with an ’S’. “It sounds absurdly simple, but it works,” promises plan creator Reinhard Engels, an MIT software engineer who came up with the idea to melt his own flab. He dropped 40 pounds and then promptly posted the plan on the Internet. “I was blown away when I realized how many other people it was working for,” he says. Josie James is one of them. “This is the best diet ever,” says the Oregon mom, 51, down 130 pounds. “I never felt hassled or hungry or deprived. And I went from a size XXXXL to a large!” Adds Pennsylvania attorney, Mandy Bartoshesky, 33: “I could do the plan without even telling anyone about it. It’s an incognito diet. But I still lost 25 pounds!”

The fat-melting magic…

“I wanted a way to relax, enjoy food and still get to a healthy weight,” Engels says. “With No S, you don’t do math or counting. It’s about giving yourself structure that eliminates excess without eliminating pleasure.” Here’s why the structure is so effective…

* Three squares makes you skinny!

“The average woman now consumes significantly more calories than she did 30 years ago–and USDA research has found that 90% of those extra calories come from snacks. Says Engels: “I think there’s probably a physiological reason that eating three times a day was the standard for human beings for so long. There’s something about the pattern that helps us thrive.” Worried skipping snacks will leave you hungry? “Start out with really big meals,” suggests Engels. “It won’t be long before you realize, ‘Wow, I’m really not going to starve.’ Then you can adjust to just-right portions.”

As long as you don’t go for seconds, you can eat pasta every day while on the No S Diet!

* A little less sugar sweetens results a lot!

It’s no secret that sweets are high in empty calories. They also cause blood sugar spikes, which trigger hunger and fat-storage hormones. Yet cutting sweets altogether often makes us feel intensely deprived. “I think the No S way is a very manageable middle ground,” Engels notes. “I got the results, and I even enjoy sweets more now that I only have them on the weekends.”

* Benefit from bigger portions!

Instead of skimping on your first helping, make it generous. You’ll end up feeling more satisfied and yet get fewer calories than if you kept going for extra servings: “We go for more because it’s there, we eat without thinking and the calories sneak up on us,” says Engels. “This is an easy thing you can do that has a huge impact.” Penn State scientists back him up: Their studies have shown skipping seconds can save up to 400 calories without sacrificing satisfaction!

Craving cookies? No problem! The No S Diet lets you enjoy ’em all weekend long!

* Get a 14% metabolism boost!

Engels’ eat-whatever-you-want weekend rule was his wife’s idea. “She’s one of those people who is instinctively moderate and never struggles with extra pounds,” he says. “She really helped me find balance, so that this would be something I could stick with.” Bonus: One study has shown that occasional “indulgence days” stimulate metabolism, boosting calorie burn by as much as 14%. No wonder readers who tested the approach dropped up to four pounds a week! Want to see how much you can lose? Hey, you already know the rules: no snacking, no sweets, and no seconds–except on days that start with ‘S’. Let the slimming begin!


“No one even knew I was dieting!” — “I was running, kickboxing, swimming–and was still overweight. I just ate too much,” reveals Mandy Bartoshesky, 33. “I knew I had to keep calories down, but calorie counting was too much work for me.” Luckily, she read about No S. “It was so easy and natural,” marvels this Philedelphia attorney, who quickly shed 25 pounds and three sizes. “I never even had to tell anyone I was on a diet!”

For even more FREE tips, tricks, and motivation, go to www.nosdiet.com


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